D&G Rose The One experience :)

Hi! Obviously, this is my first blog here. 🙂 7 years have passed since I last made a blog and it was really a humiliating one. I found the site yesterday and read the things that I wrote and it was pretty embarrassing. That’s why I ended up searching on ways to shut down my account on that blogging site. By the way, I have two accounts on that site.

The site I’m talking about is Xanga where the user can customize their webpage according to their own preferences. I admit, it was fun doing it back then because of all the colors, the sparkling .GIFs, the mouseovers, the cursors, the playlists, etc. Buuuuuuttt I swear I’m not good at customizing my own page. I always get upset whenever I cannot make something work on my site because of all the confusing codes that needs to be done. Well, thanks to my cousin, Nice Domanog (The one on the right.) for always taking time to edit my page. BBFC’S FOREVER :”>

Okay. Moving on, Why am I happy? Becaaaaauuuussseeeeeee, I bought my FIRST OWN MONEY PERFUME!!! Well, although I did not waste any sweat getting that kind of money, I still and I am considering it as MY OWN. I super love perfumes!! Any type! May it be a cologne, an Eau de toilette or an Eau de parfum. But I do prefer an Eau de toilette than a cologne and an Eau de parfum rather than an Eau de toilette. 🙂 Check this out for the description of the perfume: Clickity-CLICK! 🙂

It REALLY has an amazing scent. Thanks to Dolce & Gabbana! I bought it in Fresh Fragrance Bar in Alabang Town Center last April 15, 2012 at 7:32pm. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Pardon for being too accurate. I tend to be really specific when I am at my extremes. :P) It costs Php6,250 and luckily, it’s their grand opening which is why I was able to get a 20% discount. I got it for Php5,000 (I can’t say that I got it for “only” Php5,000 since I still find it expensive.) that comes with a Tous notebook and a Lacoste Love of Pink vial. 🙂

And because I was too excited to try on my new Eau de parfum :D, I took ONE SPRAY last April 16, 2012 at 4:00pm (Here I am again! At my extremes!) and amazingly, it lasted for 12 hours and then I stopped counting. Why? Because it’s already 4:00am of April 17!! Hey, I still have a life. 😛 But, 12 hours??!! ONE SPRAY, 12 HOOUUURRRSSS??!!! 😀 I even spread that one spray out in my arm pulses. Lalalalala~ How was I able to remember all of this? Simple. I am at my extreme happiness that is whyyyy, I wrote it down. Not in my new Tous notebook but just in a simple eco-friendly-national-bookstore-notebook. 🙂 Weird thing is that I want to track how may sprays I could use with that 75mL perfume. 😛 I am contented, I should be. I am definitely happy. Indeed, a great experience of The One. 😀


Bbfc, sorry for the crappy picture. I think that’s the latest image I have with you. 😐 BOO.

Brother, thanks for lending me OUR DSLR? 🙂

Special thanks to the very accommodating saleslady of Fresh Fragrance Bar, ATC, Ms. Lady. 🙂