First Fluxion MozCoffee

Finally!! My event after 11 months of being with Mozilla family. 😉 Been very busy with work but of course, I find time to attend Mozilla’s events. I am happy to say that I got this job of mine with the help of Mozilla Philippines‘ Community. Professional Networking, I must say. 🙂

Firefox OS is soon to be within the public’s reach and I thought of a way to help into it’s development that’s why I organized a small MozCoffee event for Fluxion, Inc. employees of which most of them are web amd app developers. It was held at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at 2 E-Com Center, Pasay, City. The goal of the event was to encourage them to join and be part of the community and help with Mozilla’s projects. My brother, Kim Domanog was the one who assisted me in organizing this event. Robert “Bob” Reyes, Joell Lapitan and Kevin Ventura was also there to support my event. 🙂 Sweet! 😛


Starting off, my brother gave his short spiel and introduced Bob Reyes to give an overview about Mozilla Phillipines Community’s goals, progress and projects.



Next was Joell Lapitan‘s talk about Web Developer tools. It was easy for him to deliver his talk since most of the attendees are already using Firefox’ tools and have an ample knowledge about it. However, they were still amazed that there are many more tools that they are not familiar with and thought that those may be useful in their respective jobs.



Here’s the proof that they were all eager to learn more about the tools that they may use. 😉


Theeeeen,  the muse. ME!! Haha. Kidding. 😛 I discussed about Firefox OS and it was just my second time to deliver this talk. The first was at Zamboanga. I’m still learning all about this and I know, someday, I’ll get used to this. 😉 Thanks to Papa B (Bob Reyes) for backing me up to answer the developers’ questions. 🙂 😀



I guess they're happy listening to me. :)

I guess they’re happy listening to me. 🙂

Oops. I'm looking at my "script" =))))

Oops. I’m looking at my “script” =))))

Uhhh. Calling out Papa B to support me. :D

Uhhh. Calling out Papa B to support me. 😀

Papa B to the rescue! YAY! :D

Papa B to the rescue! YAY! 😀

Lastly, Kevin Ventura tackled about the Webmaker project and the attendees find it cute. Hehe! 🙂



Everything went smoothly. My very first event was a success! YAY!! Luckily, it was the last day of the yearly Pyro Musical event held near our place and since we are at the top of the building, our view was lovely as we can see everything without having any neck pain for looking up. HAHA!

Achievement Unlocked! YAY! \:D/

Achievement Unlocked! YAY! \:D/

I like it that Mozillians and my colleagues at work got time to bond while we wait for the event to finish. We had our dinner late but it’s all worth it. Thank you to those who were able to attend!! See you again on our next events!! To my fellow Mozillians, thank you for always being there for me. 😛 Love you guys!


Fluxion family. <3

Fluxion family. ❤

Fire away to the success of my first event! YAY! 😀



More to come! 🙂

Photo credits to my brother. ❤